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Why is my RockWallet disabled? 

If you enter an incorrect PIN too many times, your RockWallet will become disabled for a certain period of time. This is to prevent someone else from trying to access your RockWallet by repeatedly guessing your PIN.

If your wallet is disabled, please wait until the time shown has expired, and you will be able to enter your PIN again. 

However, please note that if you continue to enter an incorrect PIN, the amount of waiting time between attempts will increase before it eventually resets. After this point in time, access to the wallet will require you to restore from Recovery Phrase in a new wallet. If you do not know your Recovery Phrase you will lose any/all funds associated with your disabled RockWallet.  

If you have the Recovery Phrase for your wallet, you can use it to reset your PIN by clicking the 'Reset PIN’ button. 

If you lose or forget your Recovery Phrase, your wallet and all digital assets within it will become permanently locked.  


As RockWallet is self-custodial, we do not have access to your Recovery Phrase, so we cannot restore it, unlock your wallet, or recover your digital assets for you. You will not be able to access your wallet again until you enter your correct Recovery Phrase.