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How can I transfer assets from one wallet to another with a different derivation path?

Self-custodial wallets use specific derivation paths to generate addresses for receiving and sending cryptocurrencies. When the asset derivation path in the external wallet is different from the asset derivation path in RockWallet, you are not be able to use the Recovery Phrase to restore the assets in your RockWallet app. The asset derivation path for RockWallet assets can be found here


To transfer assets between wallets with different derivation paths, you need to send each asset from the external wallet to the RockWallet using the “Send” feature in the external wallet. This involves initiating a transaction from the external wallet where your assets are currently stored to RockWallet. This can be done using the steps below.  

  1. If you don’t already have one, Create a RockWallet account by downloading the RockWallet app from Apple or Google Stores (The process can be founds here.)
  2. Retrieve the asset address for the asset you want to transfer from the Asset page (The process can be founds here.)
  3. Copy the RockWallet asset address,
  4. Paste the RockWallet asset address in the address field of the external wallet.
  5. Complete the Send in the external wallet. 

Note: There may be network fees associated with transferring assets between wallets. These fees vary depending on the cryptocurrency being transferred and the current network conditions. Check the fee structure of your external wallet and any applicable fees for the specific cryptocurrency you're transferring.